Vesko Petrov is a name I used to publish a story in a Bulgarian travel blog. I wanted to practice my native language as a challenge not to forget it. Surprisingly, people liked the story and wanted more. I wrote some more and before I know it, the name stuck. You might say the name found me. In Bulgarian you would associate Vesko Petrov with a cheerful, light-hearted, down to earth and easy going person. That’s what I wanted my character to be – slightly naïve, smiling and always ready for the next adventure. Eyes wide open for the wonders of the World. Most of this things I am and some of them I am not.

Yes, Vesko Petrov is alias, but I believe we have a lot of similarities. In fact I am not sure how much of him connects with my real character, or belong to some periods of my life. Like most of us, I have different personalities and I enjoy exploring them. I am also very passionate about things. If something fascinate me, I get into it one hundred precent. This is exhausting, but makes for a very interesting life. Photography, storytelling, travel, cooking or reading books, I love doing it.

These days I live in Sydney with my wife and two great kids. We used to have a cat called James (Bond, secret agent 007), who was fat and lazy. Contrary to our expectations, he didn’t chase the possums away (they eat all the European plants in the garden and terrorize my girl). One day James went away and didn’t come back. It made us very sad. I secretly believe that James suddenly changed his lazy nature and became а fearless explorer and adventurer. Just like Vesko.