So, I drove to White Cliffs intending to reach Cameron Corner, then to head east on the outback roads through Bourke to the national parks on the NSW/Queensland border. That was the plan… Until the big rain hit me – even the tarmac road between Wilcannia and White Cliffs was flooded and all the other roads out of White Cliffs were closed. I tasted the mud for a while driving around the opal fields (endured one night of rain there) and decided it is too risky to look for alternative drive to Broken Hill. Left with no option, I drove back some 700 km for the amazing Warrumbungle NP. Spent two nights at Camp Blackman (great place), which allowed me a day to tackle a few of the many amazing bushwalks in the park.

Next was a drive north/east to Bald Rock NP. Another couple of nights here to explore around. Bald Rock rocks! Then it was a leisurely drive on the small country roads to Grafton and then to the best camping ground (according to many) on the east coast – Pebbly Beach. The creek water was still high and many larger vehicles were waiting for the low tide. I walked through and seeing it is all below the knee, drove without hesitation. It must be the pack mentality – seeing that I’m safely across, everyone followed. Pebbly Beach is great, but I spend only a night there thinking about the Great Lakes. Indeed, Myall Lake was just perfect, calm and warm, only that I couldn’t catch any fish, which is also a good thing, I guess. Then it was time to get home. I had a quick drive on one of the many beaches before that. Despite the outback disappointment this was one wonderful trip.

White Cliffs






















Bald Rock National Park




















Pebbly Beach




























Myall Lakes














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